Our philosophy to Staff Engagement

Organizations disconnect from their most important asset, their employees whey they don't have proactive avenues to know the underlying issues their employees are facing and enduring

By having a direct pulse on your employee's job satisfaction, work environment, empowerment etc, organizations can understand what issues, structures, and way of operating needs to be investigated and adjusted

In order to create an organization that is irresistible to employees, organizations need direct channels to get their employees voice and internal sentiment, real time, and continuously


What we offer organizations

Working with our clients we design, create and implement custom tailored Staff Engagement and Satisfaction Analytics solutions with the required Business Information infrastructure and process to make insightful data available in one click to give you the exact Pulse of your Employees at any given moment real-time

Our approach

Simply put, employees will not take the additional step of providing feedback continuously if all the work is on them.  In turn, our method is to present tailor made questions in a manner that is part of their normal day to day workflow without them having to exert additional effort.

The feedback from the employees is retrieved real time and continuously by presenting the question and input in their existing day to day workflow, travel etc. For example: Coming out of locker room, punching out, waiting in line for food etc.  

The data is then analyzed and presented to leadership broken out by department, employee group, employee level, age etc.