Our philosophy on Productivity

Productivity begins with Process

The only way to truly improve the productivity of your workforce, is to first measure the actual task level efficiency they engage in day to day in order to understand precisely what is keeping them from being highly effective

Once an organization has an understanding of this foundation, manipulating and adjusting the operations and human resources can be easily done to increase an organizations productivity year over year

What we enable

Our proprietary methodology provides  the data and information needed to unlock the true capacity and productivity of an organization.  With our Productivity Enhancement Suite, organizations can: 

  • Understand and quantify the exact staffing levels and skill mix required based on the specific organization operation and rhythm regardless of the industry 
  • Identify what specific processes, tasks and systems are creating the bottlenecks for your employees and organization output
  • Increase capacity per employee 
  • Project and simulate the required human resource capital based on future growth or adjustments to operational flow
  • Automated KPI dashboards on all HR functions and processes, including labor productivity analytics

Our approach

  1. Our approach starts with understanding the fundamental level driving the entire operation and organization, the Process
  2. Once the key processes driving the major output for each division is identified, specific standards are created that link and define the exact human resource capital required. 
  3. With these two elements, we can establish not only the exact staffing levels and skill mix required and make projections and simulations based on demand or volume changes, but also pinpoint precisely where bottlenecks exist within each division of the organization
  4.  Knowing where the choke points are we can then carry out directed Process Improvement projects that resolve bottlenecks and increase capacity