Our philosophy on Quality & Safety 

In order to improve Quality & Safety, access to data that measures the key indicators of quality and safety must be within one click reach.  Furthermore, this data must be able to update seamlessly regardless of the source data entry method being manual or automated

With this type of data foundation, administrators can quickly identify what areas are doing well, or having issues so that targeted Process Improvement or training can occur

Any quality improvement strategy must start with a strong KPI monitoring foundation, and must have the ability to Continuously Improve

Our Offering

  1. Quality and safety key metrics and indicators specific to an organization and its objectives are identified and the Business Analytics foundation to capture, record, and view the data with one click is created.  End result: Electronic, visually appealing, actionable dashboards conveying the true state of quality and safety from high level metrics, to deep root level process metrics
  2. Experts in the field of quality and safety who have been working internationally in the UK and US are brought in to convey best practice models.  These experts work with our local consultants to ensure alignment to the Sri Lankan methods, processes, infrastructure and people.  End result: A quality & safety improvement strategy that is best in class in world standards, with a local adaptation to ensure proper fit in Sri Lanka

  3. Lean Process Improvement methodology is used to deliver targeted, high impact projects to improve key gap areas