Our philosophy

In order to decrease costs organizations must have a direct awareness on the specific levers and factors affecting its bottom line.

If organizations can have a visual picture of its entire operation and key process flows with each and individual cost component identified, the organization can make impactful and targeted changes that make a quantifiable difference

Our goal is to provide the data an organization needs to make a change, in a visual, tangible, easily understandable and flexible method.  The data is created into a Story, so that it can be easily understood

Our finance solutions

Value Stream Costing

Our unique solution is to provide organizations a visually driven and dynamic picture of its costs at the fundamental level. By having access to this root level costing, a wide range of analysis and extrapolations can be done to determine:

  • Product profitability
  • Customer profitability
  • Growth vs. Cost forecasting
  • Elemental cost variance month over month
  • Profitability vs. cost element manipulation
  • Etc.

Once these cost elements have been identified, targeted process improvement efforts are conducted to effectively reduce the costs.

Inventory Reduction

Using our Business Analytics solution, organizations gain a deep understanding of its inventory attributes and variables.

  • True item movement analysis
  • Item age analysis
  • Expiry forecasting
  • Order frequency vs. inventory on hand vs. utilization
  • Utilization variation
  • Etc.

This data is visual, and dynamic, meaning that we present the data in a way that you can touch and manipulate easily to get at root causes of  inventory issues

Overtime Reduction

Using the combined model of Business Analytics / Lean  the specific factors contributing to organization overtime are identified and quantified including the root causes driving the trend. With this information leaders can manipulate the correct variables to make lasting solutions.  In cases where process improvement is needed to decrease the resources needed, specific attention can be given.  The entire process is inclusive, transparent, and data driven