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In order for an organization to progress, think differently and create true value for its customers, two fundamental elements are required within the context of operation and the management approach, Data and focus on Continuous Improvement.

With our unique approach, we provide organizations the ability to have a pulse on every corner of the organization through our Business Analytics Development.  Through Sach Consultancy, organizations not only have quantifiable metrics and KPI’s on high level outcomes such as sale volume, cost, and customer satisfaction, but also deep process level metrics and KPI’s such as turnaround time and productivity efficiency of a department. 

Using this fundamental data, we use Lean Process Improvement techniques and strategies to develop targeted and sustainable solutions to create efficiency and increase effectiveness of any business unit, process or type of organizations

Working with us, organizations get the full spectrum and end to end service delivery from the development of data and analytics infrastructure to solutions development and implementation with advanced change management strategies.


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